22 December 2011

Parties from the last couple years!

I was just thinking how I am SO excited for the biggins to have separate parties this time, and hoping I can do better than the past years! So in case you are a new follower or didn't catch them the first time. I am sharing a few pictures from previous parties. There are absolutely some things I will never do again! And some stuff I can't wait to do again!

I think THIS Yo Gabba Gabba party was the first I really put THAT much effort into and planned for a while!

 I obviously didn't leave enough time to do it all though, because I think I had hubby wrapping water bottles as people were getting there! Looking back now, there are SO many things I would have done differently.

Then it was Sydney's Squirrelly first birthday, she isn't mine but I love helping friends with their parties too!

And shortly after that was Finnley's first birthday. I finally felt really good about this one, I don't think I would have changed much about this one! And there were actually 2 posts for it. Here and Here

And this Feb. the biggins had their last shared birthday! Cowboy and Cowgirl themed! I loved some of the stuff and other things not so much. It is far too hard for me to do boy and girl birthday party themes together.

 I did love that although there are hundreds of printables, I made everything I could. I think I would have been even more bummed about it had it been a whole lot of printables. The straw was totally fun for the kids even if it was a TON of work to clean up afterwards! We all did it together and it was nice to just unwind and sweep with the kids. Favors were really fun! And I actually loved the table too! Finally felt like I might be getting the hang of timing and planning!

And it's amazing but this time last year I was already full on planning Finnley's 2nd Birthday party in Sept! We threw him a Little Lumberjack Party and I knew we would need some woodsy stuff and red.
 Both seem to be abundant during the Winter Holidays.

 When it finally came time for his party I loved every single thing, other than my drink holder leaking a little. The rest I loved! I loved that I hadn't seen another Lumberjack Party done before.  Loved that Kim helped me find the perfect treats from Japan with just 1 tiny picture for a hint! Loved the little accessories and that I could make all the food match the theme! The little marshmallow axes took a good while to make but they were so perfect I would do it again even if they took twice as long!

I am SO excited to get started on the biggins individual parties this year. Alice in Wonderland style bake shop and a vintage inspired Baseball party! Both are done often, but hoping to have a few new things to add!


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