30 November 2011

It's almost time!

To start those Advent calendars!
We have a little ginger bread house one that we put little things in, it's this one.

But we also got a couple new ones this year at the Lego Store! They had 2 different Advent Calendars this year, a Lego City one

And a Lego Star Wars one
The kids don't know about these yet, they will be SO excited!

And Pinerest has SOO many cute ones!
This one is a free printable!

SO many cute ones, and lots are DIY! Check out the rest on my Christmas Pin Board HERE!

What do y'all use?
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23 November 2011

More Elf Stuff

This year Cookie (our Elf) is bringing the kids some Elf Pajamas and an initial ornament to tell them he/she missed them (and because they need some Christmas jammies)!
These are the Pajamas Cookie is bringing

They are from Crazy8 but are mostly sold out (18-24month is left online). The stores might have some still. I Cookie just thought the kids would love some Elf jammies. These came out in the end of Summer, picked them up then, not knowing that Pottery Barn was going to have seriously cute stuff, check these out!
And a sweet little set of matching DISHES?! So cute!

I can't wait to see what else comes out with Elf on it!
Does your Elf bring anything for the kids?

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22 November 2011

Elf On The Shelf!!

We got ours last year, the kids LOVED it! Ours is named Cookie, and last year we didn't do much with it, moved it every night, read the book. Nothing like what some other awesome families are doing! Can't wait for the visit this year!

Pinterest (of course) has all kinds of amazing ideas!
Found all these via Pinterest!
This Flickr page! Such cute ideas, like this one

This site has 101 ideas!

This family has a Elf named Melvin and they share his adventures, cute ideas like

And I have a bunch more saved on Pinterest, where I am sure I will be adding more and more, find my Christmas board HERE.

When does your Elf come out to play? 
What's your Elf's name?

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20 November 2011

Thanksgiving Cuteness.. lots of links!

Well since I am kinda slacking over here, I thought I could at least share the posts from last year, I have lots of new followers since then, so maybe these will be new for someone! There are quite a few sooo have fun clicking!

This and more HERE

more HERE
Still more

Cupcakes HERE

Thanksgiving Snacks  HERE

Kids Table Ideas HERE

Table Settings HERE


Enjoy the reposting!
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18 November 2011

Confession Time!

I haven't put a single Thanksgiving thing up, not 1! 
I haven't posted in a while cause we have been busy and I am having a hard time.

I am trying to lose weight, and become healthier, exercise more and all that. Keep the house clean and organized. Do fun things with the kids. Decorate the house for every season, plan for Christmas. Manage EVERYTHING.. and well I am not doing that great!
I'm having a really hard time balancing it all, I am sure we all struggle with these things in some ways. But I felt weird posting about stuff when there were other things I SHOULD have been doing.
But I am getting better at it, found some exercise I am loving (Zumba, and 30 day shred) so its not taking AS long, I'm finally caught up on chores from our week long trip in October and I gave up on Thanksgiving decorations this year so I saved some time that way.

Hoping I can be a better blogger while I am being healthier, a fun mom, planning my cooking more and keeping things on track!

So now that I've got that out there, I am excited to be with my extended family and eat some yumminess on Thanksgiving, and also excited to hang with some girls with all the nutters out on Black Friday! I will for sure be in Christmas mode next weekend!  Anyone else LOVE Black Friday?

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02 November 2011

Thanksgiving Desserts

So I think I am narrowing down the list of what to make for goodies!

I have a whole board on Pinterest JUST for Thanksgiving and Fall desserts! Find it here 
I think I want to make 3 or 4 things!
We have a pretty big family and everyone likes something different. I plan to make only Fall-ish desserts but I am having a hard time narrowing it down, so I think I will go with 1 apple/fruit dessert, 1 pumpkin dessert, 1 chocolate and 1 of something else!

I know for sure I will be using my mini pie maker and making some pies, different varieties so I am not looking at any other pie stuff!

These are the apple ones I am trying to decide between

caramel apple cheesecake bars
apple slab (might be too close to pie though)

caramel stuffed apple cider cookies

these are also kinda pie ish, apples rolled in crescent rolls

Apple Blondies!

Apple cranberry crumble

Everything else is kinda all jumbled together but I need to pick a couple from

Blackberry Pie Bars

Pumpkin Whoopie Pies

Pumpkin Fudge

Pumpkin fudge with nuts

Pumpkin Dump Cake

Nutella Filled leaves

And some that are more kid friendly

I really have to decide soon!

Now that soccer is over for us I have plans this weekend to clean out the pantry and fridge to make room for the new ingredients!
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