29 July 2011

Hair Bow Holder

Hair bows are out of control here! At one point I think we had 11 feet of ribbon covered in clippies and I couldn't get the ponytail style or headbands on there. It's just craziness and has been such a struggle to find a way to manage them.

I still don't know what to do with the headbands and ponytail holders but I did decide what to do with the clip on style.  I got this frame from Ikea
And spray painted it aqua, then I spay painted some chicken wire an off white and cut it to size, took the glass out of the frame and put the chicken wire in. This is what it looks like now (I swear the chicken wire IS under there!)

Anyone have ideas for headbands and ponytail holders?

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28 July 2011

Back to School Boy Stuff

Does anyone else think boys are harder to shop for? It seems like it's all the same, skulls, sports or vehicles. I am not really a fan of that, and it makes it so hard to find different stuff!

Etsy is a good place to find different stuff!
I love the simple silhouettes!
And since our little guy is a Harry Potter fan I love this one

I like the "little man" look too

For those little boys (and girls) starting K..

I have a hard time finding a plain enough backpack that will last, I don't know how he does it but he can wear a backpack out in 6 months! I like these from PBKids

Love this shirt.. probably more for the little ones but it is just so funny!
And I really like bow ties!

or neck ties, these are from Lil Hiccups Boutique on Facebook!

Boys are much harder for me to shop for! It seems like everything has an animal or skull on it, and we aren't really into either!  Once we get done with school stuff shopping I'll share any good finds!

And I should have all the Back to School stuff out soon! Guessing Monday!

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25 July 2011

THE cutest back to school treat yet!

I was browsing Pinterest today and saw these! SO cute!! I couldn't not share them!!
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24 July 2011

Back To School For The Girls!

We have 2 muffins going to school in Sept. A 1st grader and a Preschooler. They are both SO excited. I am excited about school fluff. I have always loved school supplies! And now I love school clothes and school supplies.  I have come across too much though. I don't want to go overboard (anymore than I already have lol) and I haven't decided what to get yet. Had to share though, because I am sure I am not the only mama who loves school supplies and BTS fluff!

Outfits. WHY do they make them so darn cute?! Don't they know how hard it will be to decide? I need 4 or 5 first day outfit changes!

I haven't decided yet, because we don't know how cold it will be. But it's usually nice enough for short sleeves! I have a huge favorite list on etsy.com full of stuff like this:

But some other stores always have cute fall lines I love too. My favorite is a Baby Gap line from 2006 I think. I love it so much I bought it in a few sizes.
And it has matching knee socks!
And Gymboree has sweater vests all the time too. This one is my favorite for fall!

I just really really like knee socks and sweater vests I think!
Clothes are the hardest for me to not go overboard on.. the next thing I usually buy too many of is backpacks!
Between the cute monogrammed/embroidered ones and
others that just have a cute design it's hard to stick with just 1!
This is so embarrassing, but our 4 year old who hasn't gone to school yet, already has 6 backpacks, maybe 7, I haven't counted in a while.  I have been better though. I didn't buy any last year! I probably won't buy any for a long time either! These are some that I would pick up if we didn't have too many as it is!

This owl one by Skip Hop is soo cute!
Out of the 6 or 7 we have, at least 3 are cupcake ones, hope she likes cupcakes for a long time!
Hair accessories! So cute and addicting!
I could post a ton that I love from etsy. I'll try and keep it to my 3 favorites!

Random other fluff I love..
Love the fabric, and it's a reusable sandwich bag!
Cutest little snack bags!!

And THESE are soo cute!

Ok, I have to stop looking at all this cute girl stuff! Hoping I can find some equally cute boy stuff!
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21 July 2011

More Back to School Goodies

I shared some PBnJ bars last year, but I think this one might be a little better for our family.

They look yummy and I think I could skip most of the sugar and they would still be ok.
 My little cupcake and I made these the other day, but we changed em up a bit and didn't use the sugar, and we used sunflower seed kernels instead of peanuts. I think they would be good with dried cranberries instead of raisins!

I want to make sure I have stuff ready for their first days so I am not spending any time in the kitchen I don't have to! I want to hear all bout their new exciting year. So stuff I can make ahead of time is a must!  I love these little cookies from the cake blog.

I don't know that I would make that many, but they are too cute and not too elaborate, so I should be able to get them done in a nap time, especially if I make the cookies before!

CakeCentral.com has these to share
They are SO cute, but I also want a less sugary option, so I think I can do these with graham crackers and tint some cream cheese instead of cookie and icing.
I still think cute iced cookies are my fave! LOVE these ones!

etsy has lots of choices!

And some ideas I love that I think we will have to get started on this year:

The Back to School Fairy?! HOW sweet!

The year before, the girl got a diary.. SO sweet!!

And Family Fun had this idea on their site
But they were planning it for school supplies. I think I can do this but instead of supplies, something special for the kids. Mine love school supplies ( think they inherited that from me lol) but I know there are other little things I already have for rewards, tooth fairy, long car trips that I want to do too. Hair bows, Lego mini figures, special erasers, key chains, just stuff they will love!

I am hoping to get back to school stuff out in the next week! And I might have a whole post on kids clothes. I can't decide on a first day of school outfit!
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19 July 2011

Back to School Snack Mix

Like I was saying the other day, I wanted to change up the caramel apple snack mix and make it more BTS!
So I did, it's half gone, the kids are loving it!

3C Crispix (or chex, whichever you like)
2tsp. butter
first I melt the butter, while it is melting I measure out the cereal
once butter is melted stir it into cereal.
spread cereal out on foil lined cookie sheet
sprinkle with cinnamon
put under broiler a few minutes to make it crunchy (but not burned, like I did the first time)

While the cereal is cooling I mix
2C pretzels (I used sticks cause they reminded me of pencils)
1C peanut butter chips
1C freeze dried apple pieces
3/4C dried cranberries
 ( I wanted to use freeze dried strawberries or raspberries but couldn't find them at the store I was at)
I also forgot to add 1/2C sunflower seed kernels

Once the cereal is cooled I mix everything together!

Keep it in an airtight container so it doesn't get icky!

I am sure I will have to make this again a few times before school starts, but once school starts, I am going to use some free printables and make some cute labels for it!
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18 July 2011

Spillin' it cause I can't wait anymore!

Just about 2 months until Finnley's 2nd Birthday Party! I am slowly getting the prep work done.. but I am antsy to share the theme!  Wanna know?!

YUP! A Little Lumberjack Party! I can't wait to share all the fun details with everyone!

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17 July 2011

Back to School Treats!

I KNOW this is too early for some of y'all but I had some extra time last week with hubby out of town so I thought I would put this together. It also leaves a little time to find supplies (hopefully on sale!)

First.. last years goodies are HERE and HERE.. It was hard to find new ones for this year, but I did find a few!

When I think about Back to School stuff, I think of pencils and rulers and sack lunches like PBnJ and knee socks and sweater vests! It's one of my favorite times of year, the weather is usually so nice and the excitement from school is so fun! We have 2 kids that will be in school this year, they are both really excited!
I thought these sweet little school bus boxes were just too cute!
I also won a giveaway by Paperglitter so I picked up this printable. Find her whole collection HERE.
I hope I can fit a couple little muffin bites in it (Thank you cake pop maker!)

I think these are my FAVORITE though! They are too clever, and charming! Not to mention easy to find all the stuff!
Find step by step directions HERE

Peanut Butter and Jelly Muffins! These look SO SO good!
 I would use raspberry instead of blueberry jelly though!

And these Apple Struesel muffins look amazing!
Found these via. Flickr and they are probably my favorite so far!

If you are short on time/supplies, you can always use a recipe you already
 love and use some free printables like these

This SITE has some really clever ideas too. These pencil cookies look yummy!
I shared this yummy fall snack HERE but I want to do something different for Back to School!
So I think I will just change a couple things in this one!
I really love the crispix or chex, but I think I will use the stick pretzels and keep the freeze dried apples because they just work well, they aren't moist at all so nothing gets all stuck together! And apples always make me think of school! PBnJ makes me think of school too, so I think instead of the caramel bits in this one, I will use PB chips! And instead of the pumpkin seeds using some fruit leather or fruit snacks.

I will have more to share soon! But I am antsy to try a couple of these this week!
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13 July 2011

Ready for Halloween!

I am SO ready for Halloween and some crafting! So I am starting to find some stuff to attempt now.
I LOVE black and silver together, or black and white so I am looking for stuff in those colors like this ADORABLE boot! My plan is to try and find a similar shaped pair of boots at Goodwill and add the fluff and then paint it up

Oh and look they make a matching hat!

And I LOVE Potter Barns wreath from a couple years ago from the holiday catalog

But I am thinking I will love it even more if it was black and silver! I have a lot of Halloween keys too, so if I don't find enough clocks (I have a few already) then I will use keys

Another Pottery barn favorite is their mercury glass pumpkins!
I have got to find a DIY way to do these! And if I don't do those, then these for sure (better homes and gardens) But I think I would paint them black first so the rhinestones show up really well!
All these cutesy things have me excited to start! I know it's only July but Halloween IS my favorite and I have all that Back to School planning too, sometimes my eyes need a break from pencils and backpacks!
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