06 June 2011

Managing Monday!

Today I am working on this weeks meal plan then the kids and I are putting together a list of some of the things they want to do this summer, counting down the days until school is out (3!!)

This week for dinner we are having
Pork Roast~gotta love the crock pot on busy nights!
Tacos~Also good for busy days since the chicken is done and in the freezer
Spaghetti~I try to do 1 meat free meal a week
Meatball subs~using leftover sauce
Salmon~Since hubby will be out of town, he doesn't like it but the kids do!
And I just bought andouille sausage for the first time, not sure what to do with it yet!
And Pizza out on Saturday

I have to know ahead of time what we are having the whole week or I
think we would be eating pb&j every night!

There are soo many good meal planning sites that helped me figure out what worked for us!
Once a Month Mom has great recipes and a plan to do the majority of the cooking all at once.  I don't cook ALL at once, but we do buy ground turkey, and chicken in bulk and I cook a bunch of that all at once and package it into meal size bags for the freezer.

A Year of Slow Cooking has a TON of crock pot recipes! I LOVE the slow cooker, some days we can be out of the house from early in the morning until dinner time and there is no time to cook dinner.

There are some cute meal planning forms here!

How do you all meal plan?


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