17 May 2011

Not much is new!

Just same old same old. But I love it! I feel like we have been super busy lately, doing what? Nothing really! School 5 days a week, dance class 2 days and T-ball the same 2 days usually.  The rest of the time I have no idea where the time goes! 

Excited for summer, can't wait to take the kids to some U-pick berry places again, they had so much fun last year and now I know a little more about what time of year for what berries, kinda late this year though because of the rain.

I have been working on Finnley's Birthday Party stuff, still not sharing what it is yet (I think I jinx myself and as soon as I share it gets really popular)!
So excited for it though, being a little less reserved and trying to make more stuff myself, partly because I can't find what I am looking for and partly because I want to spend less!

And honestly, one of the reasons I haven't been posting as much would be Pinterest!  who doesn't love that?!  Email me if you need an invite, the more the merrier!

I hope to have something to share soon, I haven't been cooking anything other than usual lately, birthday's are too far away, I haven't thought of anything for Father's Day! Sorry!

But I did take a few pictures of my muffins, I LOVE this one of my girly!

And the tooth fairy came for the first time, I totally failed at getting everything I WANTED to do done though.. It looks like he lost 3 he is so gap toothed from sucking his thumb. I love his sweet freckles!


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