07 April 2011

Thankful Thursday

I've been having a rough week but getting lots of snuggles. Those snuggles let me check out one thing I am thankful for,  a few random BRIGHT RED hairs on this sweet head, I don't know why he has them or where he got them but I always thought I would have a red head! He also has a couple of black hairs.. it's so crazy but I do love finding random colored hairs in his WHITE hair!

I am also thankful that after this weekend the 9 bins of kids clothes in our garage will be GONE! Whatever I don't sell this weekend is going to the consignment store that donates what doesn't sell. I am pretty sure hubby is ready to have some more room in the garage!

I am also thankful tomorrow is FRIDAY and hubby will be home for a few days before we do this whole thing over again next week!


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