14 March 2011

Spring Cleaning week 4 {Bedrooms}

I was supposed to be doing Spring Cleaning the bathrooms last week... but I didn't, not even a little bit. Instead, Hubby had a few days off and we painted our formal living room.
So I am behind a week but Hubby is out of town this week so I am hoping I can get it all done and start on the bedrooms! And we are out of trim paint so none of that will be done either.. doesn't look like I will be all done before Spring..darn!

Well here is my list for bedrooms, in case I get to it this week!

• Go Through Clothes and move winter stuff to the back!

• Go Through Toys
  • Go Through Books (and post on paperbackswap.com)
• Clean out Nightstands

• Clean ceiling fans and light fixtures

• Flip Mattresses

• Steam Mattresses

• Go Through Underneath Bed (always purging)

• Windows

• Window Tracks

• Wash Curtains

• Polish Furniture

• Clean Baseboards

• Take off Bed Warmers

So hoping the kids want to help and we get this done before Spring Break (next week) and hopefully by the time we get back it will be nice enough to work outside!

Hope Everyone is enjoying the last week of Winter (finally!)

And I am sure I will spend a little time tonight looking for some fun April Fools stuff for the kiddies!


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