18 February 2011

St.Parick's Day Decorations

I don't think they are too different from last year, so I'll just share what is different this time. Hoping to get a few more things done (since I do have a whole month!)
Got a cute idea from a girlfriend I hope to try over the long weekend, and I think I want to try to make our big red wreath a little rainbowish!

I know this seams a little crazy, but this is one of my favorite containers and I couldn't think of anything else that was big enough to fill it. It might be a little crazy~

Yep, spent $1.50 on potatoes and tied a ribbon on the vase!

It was actually sunny here today! Made the little vase look better!
Now if I could only keep real flowers looking that good!

There are kinds of free printable subway art for St. Patrick's day around too, think I need one of those!


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