20 February 2011

1 Month Until Spring!

Coastal Living

That is just 1 tiny month, 28 days, 4 little weeks to get Spring cleaning done, for me anyway! I like to have it all done by Spring or shortly after so we can spend time outside when it is nice, and get a early start on projects! I've talked about my Spring Cleaning plan the last couple years but it changes EVERY year!

Ive been trying to do small projects every Friday, usually just organizing, I actually like organizing but the actual cleaning part I am not a fan of so I like to just get it over and done with so we can move onto the fun stuff!

I like to start with the kitchen, it seems to be the most work so once it's done everything else seems easy! This has been my plan/list the last 2 years. I will probably spend part of nap time tomorrow going over it and seeing if there are other things I need to add to the list! And I think I might order some Shaklee products so parts of the kitchen might have to wait (like the oven!)

I hope to get started Tuesday and be done with the kitchen before the weekend!


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