14 November 2010

Our Fall/Thanksgiving decorations

Are limited, we just don't have much, not that there aren't some cute things out there, just haven't found much that is very "us" yet!

The eat in area lighting, kinda miss the skulls already, just some Real Deals clearance berries and a glittery bird.

I love feathers, and wreaths.. so that mix is allover around here, this might be my favorite one though

I have no idea how to take a picture of this without the glare, but it is some balls made out of pine cones, jute, and some leaves, another Real Deals find. On top is a little squirrel. Along with a glittery pumpkin and a Dollar Tree vase wrapped in a sweater (idea from Under the Table and Dreaming)

And when I was taking these pictures, I had a little helper
Love his little mischievous smile!

And I have a few random little fall birds and pumpkins all over like these

This sweet pillow is from Terry's Village, and I love the giant acorn in the cloche, also Real Deals!

And a mish mosh of stuff in these ones

And in case there was ever a doubt if we really "lived" in our house

the lone cheerio says it all, there is usually a cheerio or 2    30 on the floor or the table. I wanted to show off the cute little owl bowl and the woolly mushroom and acorn but the kids got to them first!


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