18 October 2010

Organzing on Friday!

Like I said in my Cleaning Schedule post, I usually keep Friday open for projects and organizing!  Thought I could share my projects (if I have one)!  I started last Friday and will probably need this Friday too.  I am working on our little girls room.  She has SO many little toys!  And a little brother and little toys just dont mix.  I would prefer to keep the toys away from him AND stored so her room doesn't look like a toy store.  We have tried these big buckets for the last few months... and so far all they have done is scratch up the book shelf!  They didn't encourage her to pick up afterwards like I had hoped, I know... wishful thinking!  So I am working on some toy storage options for her room right now, mixing pretty AND efficient is not easy for me and it has to be inexpensive!  Too bad I didn't think about this until after I started and didn't take any before pictures.. oops..So imagine a VERY VERY messy 3 year olds room, more barbie shoes and Ponyville Pony's than any 3 year old can play with at one time, making vacuuming nearly impossible. That about sums up her room.. With this Bookshelf to hold her stuff

These are the buckets we were using..

And I thought I would cover them with some cute scrapbook paper and mod podge.. but soon after we used them (and DS tore the tag off)  I knew it wasn't going to work.. she put ALL the stuff in 1 and it was too heavy for her to move, and the whole scratching the bookshelf didn't make me a fan either!  So she has been using them out of her bookshelf until I decided what to do.  I think I may have an idea that will be easy for her to use and not damage her furniture and I hope won't be an eyesore or expensive. Come Back Next Friday and I *should* be done!
Oh yeah.. Check out the drawer on the bookshelf.. we had to get a replacement and they didn't want that peice back, I'm repurposing it in her room too!


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