30 August 2010

Halloween Silhouettes!

I wasn't going to do any Halloween posts until after the baby's first birthday but then some of my very favorite blogs are LOADED with them, too tempting! I have been working on 1 project, that I really like so far! Spooky Silhouettes! I like to do mostly black, white and silver Halloween stuff, these fit right in!
Here is what I did, pretty easy, and none of the steps take too long, just took me a few nap times.
~First I snagged some frames at Goodwill, and a garage sale.
~Spray painted black, left the silver ones the way they were.
~Found pictures online, copied to a zip drive and took it to the copy center. I did this because I don't feel like our printer prints REALLY black. I also brought the frames to make sure I sized them right for the frame.

~I really like Martha Stewart Glitter A LOT! I used a tiny glue pen and did this little witch and then covered with the black glitter, I did it in sections because the glue dries so fast. I didn't glitter all of them, just a couple

~Once it was dried I stuck it in the frame.

EASY, pretty inexpensive if you get a deal on the frames, or you have them already and not too scary.
But this one is my favorite! I didn't print it off, I used the cricut with the new Halloween mini Cartridge, October 31st. Cut the moon, covered with Martha's GLOW IN THE DARK Glitter, stuck it to some black cardstock, put it in the frame and thats it. I really like how not scary and just enough whimsical it is!!

This is them all together, I'm not happy with them yet. I have a few more that aren't finished, need to find the perfect silhouettes still! I want to add at least a few more, but considering it is still August, I'm not worried about running out of time!

These are in our living room, that we have done NOTHING to in 3 years, that's why it looks so plain!


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