03 May 2010

Since I am procrastinating big time..

Thought I would do a little post. I AM working on getting things ready for next week I promise! I am sure you have all seen the cute little canning jars with cupcakes in em.. Yup.. I made some today, but I didn't make the cupcakaes before and then put them in the jars, I put the batter right in the canning jars, I used the small jelly jars (that I got for .29 at goodwill!!) used a little less than a 1/4 cup of batter for each one and lined them up in a glass casserole dish. I had to bake them an extra minute or 2 is all. As soon as I took them out, I poked some holes in each one with a straw and put the frosting on, just enough to get the lid on without overflow, and screwed the lid on. I made Chocolate cupcakes and the frosting is peanut butter.. I am HOPING the frosting will melt a little and go in the holes.. that's my plan anyway. Planning on taking them with us to the hospital (I KNOW I will need a chocolate fix). Hoping they stay nice and fresh and yummy since they ARE airtight.

I originally thought the idea would be good/cute for favors ( with a MINI Ikea kids fork tied on with a ribbon. Or as a teachers gift, especially since it doesn't matter what the top looks like, you can cover the lid with fabric and the ring will go right over thin fabric!

I will miss all the blog reading I usually do when I should be cleaning. Hope I don't miss anything I NEED to know.. and who knows, maybe I will procrastinate a little more and do another post in the next week!


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