20 January 2009

Making Cupcakes and Decorating for Valentines Day

Happy Inauguration Day! Nothing major going on at our house today. Decided to make some cupcakes during the little window of free time I had today. I totally cheated and used a cake mix but it got the job done. I used a Yellow cake mix and went a little short on the water since you need to dissolve the chai mix in a little water. Just followed the box directions other than that.

For the chai mix I put 1/2 C water in a sauce pan and added 6 Tablespoons of the chai mix heated and stirred until it was all dissolved.. Then I moved it to a bowl and put it in the fridge.. it needs to cool so it doesn't cook your eggs!Once cooled I just mixed the chai into the batter.

Baked according to the box...

Used some butter cream frosting and added some Caramel sauce to it, it is super sweet, so I am using as more of a glaze than frosting.. I wouldn't try to pipe with the glaze.

Glad I made them today. Her smooshy little face makes it ALL worth the extra dishes!
Ramsey will get some when he is home from Preschool..

I love the way baking cupcakes makes the house smell. I try to make sure I keep the house as cozy as can be for our family or anyone else that stops by, I wouldn't want anyone to feel like they couldn't sit down and stay a while. I am working on getting my Valentines Day stuff all the way put out, I know it's only mid January and I have had some out for weeks, but I love all the cupcake stuff for Valentines Day I have! I usually love the cold weather but this year for some reason I am SO ready for spring already!